Friday, March 18, 2011

Episode Three!!!!!!!!

Someday, I'll be writing things again on this blog, instead of just promoting my youtube page.  Someday.


Kurt Onken said...

This is so stinking funny. Keep 'em coming!

Suzanne said...

Here is something you might enjoy:

God save us, please!


Pastorjewels said...

Sadly, in this one you crossed the line from funny to condescendingly critical of everyone who is "not like you".

Pastor Fiene said...


You may think it crosses the line to joke that the ELCA has beatified Darwin and Marx. But the point is that there's really no difference between embracing their entirely unchristian worldviews, as the ELCA has done, and beatifying them.

Likewise, you may think it's over the line to joke that the ELCA performs marriage blessings for Zoroastrian Eunuchs, pygmy elephants, handfuls of sea monkeys, bass players from awesome 80's metal bands, and dvd's of forgotten Burt Reynolds movies. But the point is that there's no difference between doing this and blessing same sex couples. In either case, you're blaspheming the name of God by speaking His Word of blessing over something that He has not blessed at all.

So of course I'm being critical. That's the point of satire. And it's not as if I've kept myself or those who are like me safe from my Super Satire Laser of Awesomeness. The fact that you think this was so much crueler, though, leads me to conclude that this might just be a case of "the dog that yelped got hit."